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Moulded Parts 315°C/600°F

For any other masking-problem, ask us, because we‘re specialized in moulded parts from Silicone and EPDM. Low moulding and part costs for as well for smaller productions as well as for large serial productions. We provide machinery consisting of HIGH-COMPRESSION / HIGH-COMPRESSION-INJECTION semi-automatic machines. We even combine silicone and metal parts for more reliabilty.

Fast and Easy · Prototypes from net 50,00 €

Even demanding geometries and flat surfaces can be masked. It‘s even possible to mould in magnets into the masking elements. For reasons of process reliabiity we integrate threaded bolts and sleeves into our moulded parts, so you can mask your workpieces easily and secure. A tangible evidence is given by our cspm-series.

We Produce Moulded Parts from:

Für komplizierte Geometrien und glatte Flächen je nach Anwendungsgebiet und Werkstoff.
Multiabdeckung an einem Bauteil mit Senke und innenliegendem Ausschnitt.

• Silicone
• GE-Silicone
• UL-Compliant Silicone
• Natural Rubber
• Teflon
• Viton
• Butyl
• Vinyl
• Rigid Plastics

Stopfen mit Fangseil und innenliegenden Stabilisatoren. Durch das Fangseil geht der Stopfen selbst beim sog. "Blowout" nicht verloren.

Our Main Application Fields are:

• Mechanical Engineering and Sheet Metal Processing
• Automotive and Aerospace
• Medical Technology
• Electrical Engineering / Surface Mounted Device (SMD) and many other industrial sectors.

Our wide range of cost- and time-efficient products, that we can offer you today, results from a longstanding, close collaboration with customers of variuos industrial sectors. We provide solutions for almost any masking problem regarding:

• Powder Coating
• E-Coating
• Wet Spray
• Sandblasting
• Plating
• Enamelling
• Tumbling
• Anodising
• Shot Peening
• Frame Assembly

Making Things Easier by:

Kappen im Blisterbelt zur automatisierten Maskierung.

• Simple Handling
• Reusability
• Chemical- and Acid-Resistancy
• Process Optimization
• Cost Reduction
• Short Delivery Periods
• Individual, Qualified Consulting
• Convincing Quality